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When Elected, My Priorities are:

Election Integrity

Public acceptance of election results is dependent on the confidence that the election was conducted fairly. Events in recent elections have eroded the public trust in the election process. Dissatisfaction with Governance is, in no small part, a result of the lack of confidence that the election was conducted fairly and without interference from outside groups.


Confidence in the election process must be restored.

Changes in Election Law are a necessity.

To that end, I will work tirelessly.

Support for Law Enforcement

Over the past few years, those charged with enforcing the law have been under attack.  The result is as evident as it was predictable, increases in crimes of all types. Additionally, the officers' morale is low, impacting retention and recruitment.


Law Enforcement needs to know that we have their back, and the trend must be reversed.  As a Waukesha County Supervisor, I voted for a $3/hour raise for all County Sheriffs.  This provides tangible proof that County Sheriffs are valued and hopefully will reverse the retention/recruitment trend.


As your Representative in the State Assembly, I will support law enforcement, including support for their mental health. Many officers suffer from a type of PTSD caused by their daily experiences.

Analysis of FBI Crime data shows Milwaukee is the 6th most dangerous city in the United States. The annual increase in violent crime in Milwaukee is astonishing. The communities in Waukesha County have been suffering under the gradual bleed of violent crime imported from Milwaukee. This trend must be reversed. I support all efforts to help the police to do their job. I support all efforts to remove District Attorneys that refuse to do their job. The quality of life we expect in our communities demands a safe environment to live and raise our families.


Support Mental Health Initiatives

Stress from political polarization, COVID deaths, related lock-downs, virtual schooling, and the continual drumbeat of health concerns have been wearing on everyone. For some, it has proved too much.


When assessing the increasing violence on the streets and in the schools, it would be a mistake to ignore individuals' mental health. I will be supportive of initiatives that address this issue. 


Support Local Control of Schools

COVID lockdowns and virtual schooling has brought renewed attention to what/how the schools have been teaching. I welcome this renewed parent involvement in local schools and support parental review of non-traditional curricula.


Bring a Conservative Local Voice to Madison

As a Village Trustee and County Supervisor, I have seen how policies from Madison can create difficulties for local government to deliver essential services. In Madison, my government experience will ensure that the needs of local government are being considered when drafting State legislation.

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