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Election Integrity

Recently my opponent for the 13th Assembly district has allowed his name to be associated with negative attack ads. The most recent ad involves election integrity, claiming “Tom Michalski making it easier to cheat”. Each and every assertion made in the ad is unfounded and 100% false. On the contrary, throughout the campaign, my #1 priority has consistently been to establish election integrity. Negative campaigning goes against my core values, and negative ads that are entirely false are beyond reprehensible.

From the FAQ:

Q: One of your priorities is to 'establish election integrity." What do you feel is the problem with the current election system and what needs to be done?

A: I have no proof of fraud and I am not claiming fraud has occurred. In response to COVID, election rules were relaxed, creating situations where undetected fraud could have occurred. Those that are unhappy with the election results begin to look for reasons why. In the case where undetected fraud could occur, it quickly becomes a suspicion that fraud did occur. Whether it did (or did not occur) almost becomes immaterial because this suspicion damages the trust in the entire process and, consequently, distrust in the results. The election process must have an overwhelming consensus that elections are fair and free of manufactured manipulation. I believe all adult citizens have the right to vote, and they should be confident that their vote was counted and that the tabulation of the votes was done without bias. That is what I mean by election integrity.

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